Silence: The Power

"Mummy my milk is fallen, could I get more milk",   :-<  "No! that was the last tumbler of milk, you will not get anymore & that is when the girl started crying. Out of nowhere comes a chariot on which a famous warrior with the glow of the sun, known for his charitable nature and extremely powerful... Continue Reading →


Vestige: The Great Dark Pyramid

I believe that the pyramid lies everywhere from the Ministry of Justice of 1984 George Orwell to the pyramid in Egypt. Maybe earlier tents of pyramidical shape were used to make sure the base gets more area than the top so that the whole structure of pyramid is stable. Maybe I said something different than... Continue Reading →

The Outlook;

The day before yesterday I was sitting in a small open-air tea house close to the Sher Shah Suri Marg which is somewhere south to, east to, north to & west to some known place. I ordered some tea and say was enjoying the unpleasant dust of the roadside. I saw a boy close to... Continue Reading →

A Horse without Shoe

Walking in the windy & rainy night between two extreme ends of great bear and changing my direction frequently not because of the turns on road but as the road was forcing me to change it. They say there is only one great bear in the sky and actually, I was able to see three... Continue Reading →

The Big Guava Tree

  It was the time when there was no stress & no major work in my life, only work I used to do was score nearest to the 100 & my father used to say 'rest of time do whatever you want to do'. But in rest of time, I used to work to score... Continue Reading →

The Turtle’s Marathon

FD 60 RT 90 FD60 RT 90 FD60 RT90 FD60 RT90.(makes figure square) " and the turtle return to home without doing any work" (displacement =0, as per science). Above shown alphabets preceding numerals are patterns used in LOGO programming which move turtle over the surface. I also remember the story of rabbit and turtle race in... Continue Reading →

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